Pikes Peak with Jeff Zwart by Will Roegge & co.

Check out this beautifully captured run up the hill. These guys consistently put out top notch work. I love the concept of a raw run, top to bottom. Let the car do the talking.  Read More

Keep Drifting Fun, the movie.

These guys do a great job of sticking to their word of keeping drifting fun. A talented group of guys, who set out to put a timestamp of the sport which they love. I have yet to have a chance to watch the entire film, but if it is anything like their previous work, it’s incredible. Have a watch.  Read More

Daigo Saito FD Long Beach

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Irwindale 120 FPS

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Need For Speed – The Run Promo

Another super solid production by Will Roegge and Co. (DC Chavez, Skyler, Smith and Jerimiah Morey). Great driving by Vaughn and Chris too. Love this; raising the bar.  Read More

Motion: Porsche, the Road to Pikes Peak

I love this project. I can relate to driving a race car to the track, but this takes it to a whole new level. Porsche is such an emotional brand, Will Roegge does a fantastic job capturing that with these short films. Great job to Jeff Zwart, way to get it done!  Read More

A week in review: 03.11

I’ve been working hard to school myself on the ole’ photo camera to help my wife out with a website project she is working on for ChezElle, the boutique she works for in south Charlotte. A few weeks ago, I got the shakedown from Ryan, a good friend of mine who runs YAER Productions. This past week another friend Will, was in town so I toted their camera around and he taught me some tricks. So this is some of me week last week… Read... Read More

Motion: Team Need For Speed FIA GT3

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